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Just Hand The Heisman to Jeaux Burreaux Already

Colby Marchio

There is really no reason for this blog to be written, but it must be done. So, here is my Heisman blog.

LSU's star quarterback, Joe Burrow, has been on a tear this entire season. This man has all the intangibles a team would want from a quarterback. He is a leader with a tremendous arm, exceptional accuracy, and awareness. 

Burrow, who led the LSU Tigers to a 13-0 season, passed for 4,715 yards, completed 77% of his passes, and threw for an SEC record 48 touchdown passes with 6 interceptions. This could arguably be one of the greatest seasons by an SEC quarterback of all time. 

During this impressive run, he led the Tigers to significant wins against some of the country's best teams. When LSU went up against Alabama in Tuscaloosa they were big underdogs. Burrow, not phased, passed for 393 yards, completing 79% of his passes, and threw 3 touchdowns. 

The SEC Championship game against Georgia, who has one of the country's best defenses, was a masterpiece by Burrow, running the Bulldogs off the field. He passed for 349 yards, completed 73% of his passes, and threw 4 touchdowns. 

Social media was in a frenzy when Burrow found Terrence Marshall Jr. for a seven-yard touchdown. As soon as Burrow released the ball, he knew it was a touchdown, so he turned and started trotting towards the sidelines

I know what you are thinking.

"What about Chase Young? What about the other quarterbacks that made the list?"

Chase Young, junior defensive end for the Ohio State Buckeyes, has an excellent resume for only playing 11 games. This season he had 21 tackles for loss, 7 forced fumbles, and he holds the record for Ohio State's all-time leader in sacks in a season with 16.5.

The issue with Young is that he was suspended for two games for taking a loan from a family friend (stupid I know). If Young was not suspended those two games he could have possibly had the greatest season by a defensive end in college football history. His sack total had the potential to be in the twenties. 

Young was so dominant that teams would have to double-team him almost every play, at one point during the Big Ten Championship, Wisconsin had him triple-teamed. LET THAT SINK IN. With six men on the offensive line and three men blitzing, THREE of the six are on Young. The value and talent this kid has is absolutely breathtaking.  

For the people that keep up with college football, they know that the Heisman trophy is usually given to an offensive player, usually a quarterback or running back. There has only been one defensive player to ever win college football's highest honor and that was Charles Woodson in 1997. 

Look on the bright side, Young is going to be the first or second overall pick in the draft. It will either be him or Burrow first overall, and whoever drafts Young is going to be happy for the next 10 years. 

Justin Fields and Jalen Hurts, who also have had phenomenal seasons, did not have as great of a season as Joe Burrow.  

Hurts led the Oklahoma Sooners to a 12-1 record and a spot in the College Football Playoffs. Hurts passed for 3,634 yards, completed 71% of his passes, and a total of 50 touchdowns this season. 

The biggest knock on Hurts's resume is Oklahoma's loss to Kansas State in late October. In addition to that, he also made a lot of costly plays during the Big 12 Championship game against Baylor. The Sooners/ defense showed up big time and Hurts was a part of the reason that Baylor stayed in the game. Hurts fumbled in their own territory and threw an interception in that game. 

Justin Fields, sophomore quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes, threw for 2,953 yards, completing 67% of his passes, 40 touchdown passes, doing all with only one interception. 

In the Big Ten Championship, the Buckeyes struggled in the first half, only scoring 7 points. Yes, they did come back to win in the second half, but this is supposed to be the best overall team in the country with one of the best quarterbacks in the country. 

With Fields' leg injury restricting him from running the ball and being able to feel confident to leave the pocket, he struggled to find a groove. There were numerous plays during the Big Ten Championship where the pocket was collapsing on Fields and he had an open field, but he did not leave the pocket. 

Although Ohio State has a great resume being 13-0 and having one of the toughest schedules in college football, Fields' stats do not even come close to Joe Burrow's. Burrow threw almost 1,800 more yards than Fields and threw 8 more touchdowns.

This is why the Heisman Trophy will be handed to Joe Burrow come Saturday night.

Geaux Tigers! *Coach O Voice* 

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