The Team


General Manager: Gina Ciolli

Program Director: Jacob Cantu

Podcast Directors: Charlie Bevins & Trenton Szeto

Live Game Coordinator: Rudy Hodgson

News Director: Nick Canzoneri

Social Media Director: Natalie Burjek


Charlie Bevins
Hometown: Portland, OR

Major: Journalism

Favorite teams: Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls, Portland Trailblazers, Chicago Blackhawks

Coverage of the Chicago Sports Scene:
Natalie Burjek
Hometown: Oak Brook, IL

Major: Sports Communication and TV Production
Minors: TV Production & Radio, TV, and New Media

Favorite Teams: Chicago Cubs, Chicago Blackhawks, Dallas Stars, DePaul Blue Demons

I went to Game 7.
Jake Cantu
Hometown: Dallas, TX

Major: Film and Television

Favorite Teams: Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars, Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers
Will Caster
Home Town: Elmhurst, IL

Major: Sports Communication

Favorite Teams: Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears, Cubs, Chicago Wolves

Hey! I'm Will, I'm a freshman at DePaul majoring in Sports Communication. If I'm not watching sports, I'm calling sports on Radio DePaul Sports. I love all thing sports, but hockey is my forte!
Nick Canzoneri
How Town: Chicago, IL

Favorite Teams: Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks, Northwestern Football

Sophomore. Italian Beef connoisseur. Host of Canz and The Bear
Gina Ciolli
Hometown: Akron, Ohio

Major: Sports Communication

Favorite Teams: Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Indians, Dayton Flyers Basketball, DePaul

Big LeBron fan. Big Baker Mayfield fan. Big Lindor fan. Big Italian food fan.
Ben Courtney
Home Town: Arlington Heights, IL (a.k.a. Action Heights)

Major: Special Education

Favorite Teams: Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears, University of Michigan
Abbas Dahodwala
Hometown: Burr Ridge, IL

Major: Health Sciences - Public Health

Favorite Teams: Bulls, Cubs, Bears, Portland Trailblazers

Bio: Ball is life. Damian Lillard ended the Thunder.
Jacob Ellis
Home Town: San Francisco, CA

Favorite Teams: Boston Red Sox, Oakland Raiders, Golden State Warriors

Freshman at Depaul, Aspiring Filmmaker, Mac + Cheese Taste-tester, Master of Cats, Former Bagel Salesman, Published Poet

Insta: @crazyhoneybad42 Twitter: @realJacobEllis
Gino Fasso
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Favorite Teams: Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls, Green Bay Packers, the 2004-2005 Illinois Men's Basketball Team

The Italian Stallion a.k.a. Your Girlfriend's Favorite DJ
Dino Frenztas
Home Town: Des Plaines, IL

Favorite Teams: Chicago Bulls, Arsenal FC, UFC

Besides sports, I am into weightlifting, playing the clarinet, and I am very into my Greek heritage.

Chris Gates
Home Town: Chatham, NJ

Favorite Teams: Liverpool FC, New Jersey Devils, New York Yankees

"All I can say about this is, boom!" - Jurgen Klopp
Ryan Gilroy
Home Town: Middletown, MD

Major: First-year graduate student studying Journalism

Favorite teams: Washington Capitals, Hershey Bears, Washington Nationals, PLL Whipsnakes

It may not look like it, but I played hockey for 12 years. I also dressed up as Bob Ross for Halloween once.
Sam Green
Favorite Teams: Atlanta United; Chicago Cubs, Red Stars, & Sky; Green Bay Packers; Memphis Grizzlies & Tigers; Minnesota Whitecaps; Toronto Blue Jays & Maple Leafs; and more

Hometown: Memphis, TN, USA

Major: Political Science

Bio: Obsessed with sports on the side. No, I don't follow too many teams; you don't follow enough. I'm a Team Manager for DePaul Hockey, and if you haven't come to one of our games yet, fix that. Number of Championships (All Situations) I've Seen My Teams Win: 11
Josh Handelman
Home Town: Glencoe, IL

Major: Sports Communication

Favorite Teams: Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Cubs, Tiger Woods

Big Eddy Pineiro fan
Rudy Hodgson
Home Town: Los Angeles, CA

Major: Sports Communication & Real Estate

Favorite Teams: Los Angeles Kings, Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Lakes, University of Southern California, Los Angeles Rams

Host of 'The Mighty Pucks', and contributor for Radio DePaul Sports journalism

Twitter & Instagram: @rudyhodgson33
Christopher Jones
Home Town: Chicago, IL

Favorite Teams: Chicago Bears
Favorite Athletes: Steph Curry & Derrick Rose

I’m a simple young man I put God first with everything I do.

Twitter & Instagram: @aintyoucj
Ben Knape
Home Town: Grand Rapids, MI

Favorite teams: Detroit Lions, Michigan State Spartans
Favorite Fighters: Nate Diaz, Yair Rodriguez

I'm a Sophomore at DePaul majoring in Film and Television with a minor in music business. After college I want to get into sports broadcasting and eventually become the next Dana White.

Twitter: @BenKnape
Fisher Kelley
Home Town: Strafford, Vermont

Favorite Teams: Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, Baltimore Ravens

Besides sports, I'm into film, music, and television. Also a big fan of comedy and podcasts
Kevin Kelliher
Home Town: Bridgewater, MA

Favorite Teams: New England Patriots, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, and the Boston Redsox

I’m from just outside of Boston so I’m the most arrogant fan at the station.
Jess Lazo
Hometown: Palos Verdes, CA

Major: Sports Communication

Favorite Teams: USC Trojans football, Liverpool, LA Rams, Chicago Red Stars, DePaul Women’s Soccer Team!!

A junior currently on the women’s Depaul soccer team. A sports lover/enthusiast who is a current co-host on See you @ Lazo’s
Pursuing a career in the sports industry :)

Twitter: @jessslazo
Bilal Malik
Home Town: Naperville, IL

Favorite teams: Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks

I am a diehard Chicago Bears fan and in my free time I enjoy going to the movie theater!

Twitter: @BilMalik15
Colby Marchio
Home Town: Joliet, IL

Major: Sports Communication

Favorite Teams: New York Yankees, New York Knicks, Chicago Bears, Oklahoma Sooners

"God has two sons and I only follow one and that is Tim Tebow." - Me
Bella Michaels
Home Town: Roselle, IL

Favorite Teams: Liverpool, Real Madrid, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls, DePaul Blue Demons

I interned at the Chicago Tribune in 2018 to cover the World Cup. This past summer I was a freelance production assistant at BeIN Sports in Miami. I love learning new languages, I currently speak five! Big soccer enthusiast, big Virg (van Dijk) enthusiast, big Aladdin enthusiast.
Nicholas Moreano
Home Town: Waukegan, IL

Favorite Teams: Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox, Iowa Hawkeyes

I'm the co-host, editor and lead writer for The Chicago Audible (Bears Podcast/Blog). I did my undergrad at the University of Iowa, and I'm currently a writing tutor at Glenbrook South High School. Also, I'm a huge Marvel nerd.

Twitter: @NicholasMoreano
Jacob Robinson
Hometown: Tampa, FL

Major: Sports Communication

Favorite Teams: Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics, Notre Dame Football
Carlos Rodriguez
Favorite Teams: Chicago Cubs, Chicago Fire

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Carlos Rodriguez is a veteran broadcaster at Radio DePaul. A Chicago native, he has covered a multitude of sports, including soccer, softball, baseball, basketball, volleyball and hockey. His favorite highlights include covering DePaul women’s soccer on the road in the NCAA Tournament.

Twitter: ca_rodriguez
Instagram: @aloprofundo
Joe Roman Jr.
Home Town: Chicago, IL

Favorite Teams: Chicago Cubs, Chicago Blackhawks, New York Islanders, Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers
Favorite pro-wrestling show: NXT, AEW

Born and raised in Chicago. Been a big sports fan all of my life, hockey is my favorite sport. I am also a huge pro-wrestling fan, it's probably one of the last pieces of my childhood I've held on to. Besides sports I am into video games add me on Xbox @Romanberg95.
Olivia Solimene
Home Town: Chicago, IL

Major: Public Relations & Advertising
Minor: Marketing

Favorite Teams: Chicago Cubs, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bears
Andrew Summers
Hometown: Rockford, IL

Major: Sports Management

Favorite Teams: Chicago Cubs, Chicago Blackhawks
Trenton Szeto
Favorite teams: Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, Japan mixed doubles badminton pair Arisa Higashino/Yuta Watanabe

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Bio: Badminton player, NFL fanatic, classic rock lover, sports management major. Somewhere in Chicago is a CTA worker that will never forget the time I ran full-steam into a turnstile.
Jackson Todd
Home Town: Kansas City, MO

Favorite Teams: Kansas City Royals, Chicago Cubs, Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Blackhawks, Team Penske

I'm from Kansas City, Missouri. I am a lifelong Royals and Chiefs fan who prides myself on surviving the late 2000s in that sports fans' nightmare. If you ask me about NASCAR or IndyCar, be prepared to know more than you ever thought you needed.

Twitter & Instagram: @_JTodd14_
Erik Uebelacker
Home Town: Baltimore, MD

Favorite Teams: Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, Washington Capitals

I'm a Journalism major and a big mixed-martial arts fan. Will relentlessly defend Ben Askren.

Twitter: @UebeMMA
Alana Uriarte
Hometown: Pasedena, CA

Major: Physics

Favorite Teams: San Jose Sharks, Los Angeles Dodgers, Notre Dame, Chicago Cubs, Toronto Maple Leafs
Sean Weiser
Home Town: Antioch, IL

Favorite Teams: St. Louis Cardinals, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Blackhawks

Paul DeJong (Cardinals shortstop) went to my high school, that's about it.
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