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Roman's Rants Vol 3- The WWE Has Lost Its Way

Joe Roman Jr.

I remember watching a special on the history of WrestleMania, and I was confused on why a pro football player was competing in the main event of the show. The match was between Bam Bam Bigelow and NFL legend Lawerence Taylor. Had I been alive for that match I would be so hyped seeing two sports collide. WWE still continues that, and now it has gotten so old it’s just funny at this point.

Since LT took on Bam Bam there have been more football players and a mix of other athletes taking a shot at professional wrestling, but WWE’s overuse of the idea is just sickening at this point.

We have had a sumo match at WrestleMania, and we have seen Floyd Maywhether use brass knuckles from a chain to knock a wrestler out. My rant on all of this is why? Why would WWE, the supposed biggest wrestling company on the planet, do this? Well, I have an idea.

The WWE doesn’t give a crap about wrestling anymore. They have fully embraced the “entertainment” value, but what ends up suffering is the wrestling. The WWE currently has one of the most stacked rosters I can remember, but they don't know what to do with half of them. The reason for that is the constant use of athletes from other sports.

The reason why this whole thing just pisses me off is because of WWE wasting their talent. As I have gotten older I’ve started watching more independent wrestling companies like Ring of Honor, and guys that WWE have signed from ROH are being wasted because WWE gives them nothing. No TV time or matches during house show. They would rather capitalize on washed up fighters or current popular athletes and give them a huge pay day. I get the whole entertainment aspect of the company, but enough is enough. You sign talent that will just sit there and be wasted when companies providing great wrestling like AEW will continue to thrive and pick up talent WWE waste or won’t sign.

Take a look at the upcoming Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia. WWE have two matches planned one of which is featuring former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez. The other features current boxing heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

The WWE doesn't seem to understand that this is the dumbest idea ever, and they will continue pulling crap like this. This wont unanswered because when WWE loses fans AEW picks up new ones.

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